The major problems in the world are the result of the difference between how nature works and the way people think.
— Gregory Bateson

GENIE offers a collaborative space to showcase various kinds of bioregional mapping projects. We help communities connect, coordinate, and share ideas that improve our futures with dynamic maps and events.

Types of maps

Ecology and Place

Food and Agriculture, Energy, Housing and Development, Water, Wildlands

Climate Resilience

All our maps aim to help communities address and adapt to the challenges we face in a changing climate. Climate resilience maps combine several of the areas of focus listed in the other map categories here.


Economy and Opportunity

Education, Employment, Goods and Services, Technology, Tourism

MindBody Health

Exercise, Food and Nutrition, Medicine, Mindfulness, Shelter and Security


Strong Social Relationships

Arts and Culture, Faith and Reverence, Leadership Development, Service and Volunteering, Social Skills

Community Engagement

Design, Governance, Justice, Media and Communication, Politics and Policy